Sustaining a Culture of Social Responsibility

At Onpoint we care about the communities in which we work. This is why social responsibility is so important to us. We make it a priority to invest resources into socially responsible programs and initiatives in addition to collaborating with socially conscious clients and partners. We take time to consider the impact our profession will have on our industry and industries adjacent to ours. True success comes when we take a step back and look collectively at the big picture. By grasping the idea of the whole versus one component, we can work to create beneficial change in our world.

“Giving back to the community plays an essential role in running a successful business. Everyone involved feels uplifted knowing their work is paid forward and that we made a positive impact on numerous people beyond our clients,” said Liz Crow, Onpoint CEO.

We proudly support organizations that have established and maintain a proven track record of impacting communities and families. We back organizations such as the Special Olympics of Texas, where dozens of our team members volunteer each year to help put on the Spring Games and other events throughout the year. For years, our company has been a sponsor of the Valero Texas Open Benefit for Children Golf Classic,  as Valero takes great strides to enrich the lives of children across the nation. Both organizations provide a lasting impact on children battling disabilities.

We are also a proud sponsor of Character Camp, a nonprofit organization connecting youth at local schools and agencies to their innovative youth camps, mentoring program and community outreach. Our own Director of Training, Arthur Davidson, serves as the Executive Director and is committed to helping inner city kids in Houston achieve lifelong success.

Another meaningful organization  we proudly support is The Wheelhouse – a nonprofit organization that offers help to men battling drug and alcohol addiction. Men who go through The Wheelhouse program achieve a life of independence so they may serve as contributing members of society – to both their families and communities. The organization exists solely on donations, and we are glad to make a social impact in a unique way through The Wheelhouse.

Onpoint’s culture of social responsibility is reflected throughout our organization, and is made evident by the values we hold internally. At Onpoint, we recognize the importance of implementing an attitude of social responsibility, and we are happy to continue contributing and positively impacting those around us.

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