At Onpoint, we know that revolutionary technology is imperative to the future success of our customers. We have integrated advanced technology into our service portfolio to ensure turnarounds and capital projects are effectively executed. Our clients now have the option to possess state-of-the-art innovation right at their fingertips whenever they need it. With the use of TrackPoint, WatchPoint, CheckPoint and online training, we have made everything more accessible, faster and accurate, so your project stays on time and on budget.

Our exclusive TrackPoint software takes the guesswork out of materials management and allows you to know exactly where your materials are at any given time. Materials are tracked every step of the way from receipt to distribution. Our barcode scanners were created for use in process areas and provide real-time BOM/Job Package/PO tracking. TrackPoint also tracks safety gear to ensure zero losses. It gives complete transparency to rental companies and contractors because each harness, respirator, monitor and radio is issued and returned with TrackPoint. It’s time you upped your materials management technology with Onpoint.

Meet WatchPoint, our innovative remote monitoring system that provides increased visibility, transparency and control. It allows our customers to have a single digital record of all confined space activity within a turnaround event. We have fully integrated gas detection, audio, video, alarms, alerts and badging all on one screen, and it fully complies with OSHA Standards. With three cameras per space, WatchPoint has eyes everywhere and can communicate through the intercom, so you have access to your workforce all of the time.

CheckPoint is our Behavior-Based Safety Observation process supported by the CheckPoint mobile app. The goal is to enable all employees to help in monitoring and correcting unsafe behavior. This results in the elimination of injuries, illnesses and damage to whatever their environment is. Ultimately, CheckPoint is your source for creating safe workplace conditions and ensuring your team stays unharmed and healthy.

Onpoint has created an industry-leading curriculum to train staff for turnarounds and capital events. Now, you can attend courses online and in the comfort of your facility. Your staff will learn position-specific tools and best practices to efficiently execute your project on time, on budget and safely. The courses are self-paced, so your team can complete them according to your schedule.

With Onpoint, our customers are equipped with the cutting edge technology to complete your capital projects and monitor your team’s safety right in the palm of your hand. You have access to the information you need instantly, and your team will run more efficiently. It’s time you partnered with Onpoint.

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