The Right People, the Right Choice

At Onpoint, we know the importance of hiring the right people. Successful project outcomes are determined by the teams responsible for executing the work, and mistakenly hiring unqualified or inexperienced personnel is not a risk you want to take. We’ve seen companies take that risk, only to face detrimental budget and timeline consequences.

This is why Onpoint has dedicated extensive resources to developing tried-and-true methodologies that have been proven and refined over years of supplying temporary personnel for turnarounds. We consistently stand above the rest thanks to our people and our processes, which you can rely on to deliver top notch turnaround execution for your facility. On top of that, our long history in pioneering the turnaround industry led us to understand how to anticipate your needs and deliver value in the form of schedule compliance and cost savings.  From start to finish, Onpoint delivers “The People You Count On.”

It’s easy to say all of that. It’s another thing to back it up and prove it. And we can, from our first-in-the-industry, proprietary Employee Qualification Selection Process (EQSP®) to our groundbreaking WorkSmart®, SmartStart® and SmartTrack® programs solutions guaranteed to eliminate recruiting remorse.

EQSP®: Recruitment Optimized and Simplified

Drawing from vast industry knowledge, we developed the Employee Qualification and Selection Process (EQSP®), a proven, standardized approach that consistently exceeds your expectations for finding, qualifying and providing the most qualified personnel for our clients.

With EQSP®, we comprehensively pre-screen each candidate, thoroughly testing and evaluating their competency in hard skills. Our management team then qualifies and matches available candidates to the specific position and project, offering only a handful of the very best for your consideration. Working in partnership with you, we gain a clear understanding of your needs and readily identify candidates who are an ideal fit for your culture.

With EQSP®, your recruitment efforts are simplified and optimized. Your project is executed by qualified personnel who have been selected through a process that produces better results. Our customers tell us that EQSP® delivers the quality people they need in minimal time and without the headaches.

WorkSmart®: Ready to Roll and Reliably on Task

Imagine having your contract workers show up on the first day of work, already familiar with your processes and ready to hit the ground running. What if those workers had a system where they could input the work they had been assigned and the progress they made each week?

Having information like that would be invaluable and make your turnarounds that much more effective. That’s the WorkSmart® Program.

In short, WorkSmart® is made up of two phases: SmartStart®, which creates more prepared and work-ready employees through site-specific training, and SmartTrack®, which provides real-time tracking of employee progress through our proprietary, cloud-based platform.

We welcome the opportunity to show you how Onpoint Industrial Services can apply our EQSP® and the WorkSmart® programs to dramatically improve contract employee recruitment and results for your next turnaround.

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