Onpoint has merged with Calculated Controls and CertifiedSafety, creating the Value of One for our customers. Now, Onpoint is the one place to get all the services you need for your turnaround event. Not only is the value of one beneficial to your business, but you now only have one point-of-contact for your needs on-site.

This new venture allowed us to expand our service offering with an even more robust personnel division. We can now help customers better anticipate needs and resources to save time, money and energy. With our new service portfolio, you stay in control with support services and resources to help execute your capital project on time and on budget.

Through this merger, Onpoint has propelled forward as an industry pioneer. Our new and refined solution offerings include multiple programs that hit safety targets and safe man-hour goals. With Onpoint already having more than six million safe man-hours, our commitment to safety and quality work adds value to client projects. Our signature safety services can be implemented across your project, asset or an entire organization and tailored for you.

We are thrilled to create a better future for Onpoint and our valued customers. With the dedication from our employees to excel and flawlessly execute our new services, we see a bright future ahead. We create innovative ways to serve and support our customers every day by tailoring our capabilities to their unique needs. Our team has decades of experience under our belts paired with industry-leading expertise. Onpoint is the right provider for all of your turnaround service needs.

To learn more about the Value of One, visit https://www.onpoint-us.com/.

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