Top 5 Ways to Increase Time on Tools in Your Turnaround

At Onpoint, our team has made it our mission to reduce the amount of lost time during a turnaround. Whether it’s inefficiencies in the site layout or poor logistics, lack of materials management or disorganized transportation, the average turnaround worker’s 12-hour shift is riddled with lowered productivity due to lost time. Thanks to the team of innovative minds here at Onpoint, we’ve developed valuable methods to increase productivity. 

Here are the top 5 ways to increase time on tools in your turnaround:

Centralized or Managed Transportation

Our centralized workforce transportation offering is 2nd to none in the turnaround industry. By kicking decentralized, contractor-managed transportation to the curb, you open the door to greater safety and increased time on tools. We incorporate important elements such as parking lot layout design, optimized traffic flows, reduced vehicle and minimized traffic congestion to reduce the possibility of wasted time and money. With Onpoint’s Transportation Management Program, our team of experts shows up for you –– helping to streamline transportation processes and keep your workforce safe and on time. Efficient logistics increases craft time and saves you from managing the regulations and liabilities of transporting your workforce. 

Better Materials Management

What can ruin the satisfaction of a job completed on time? A hefty bill for your workforce’s lost materials. Don’t let this situation be a possibility –– take advantage of Onpoint’s elite Materials Management service. Our Materials Management Program combines a documented work process executed by skilled professionals utilizing our proprietary software application, TrackPoint. With lost equipment comes hot shots and reorder fees, and a significant amount of time wasted in search of missing materials. Selecting Onpoint for Materials Management is proven to increase efficiency and maximize time on tools. 

Top-notch Turnaround Scheduling

If you aren’t investing in turnaround scheduling, you aren’t setting your project up for success. A well-established turnaround schedule that is followed precisely by an entire workforce results in numerous benefits. By implementing an optimized game plan created by Onpoint’s industry professionals, you’re securing results such as long-lead deliverables, early strategic milestones and an agreed-upon project-wide game plan. Plus, with the execution of our effective qualitative scope risk assessments and schedule checks, your turnaround or capital project is better equipped for success on time and on budget. Incorporate our turnaround professionals to best apply a site-specific scheduling methodology to your turnaround, eliminating unnecessary timesucks for your team.

Improved Site Layout

Onpoint’s comprehensive logistics planning reduces your overall turnaround cost and increases time on tools. We work to keep your project running smoothly and efficiently. By committing time on the front-end to sort out important project logistics, you’re increasing the chances of establishing and maintaining an efficient and productive facility environment. Choose Onpoint for logistics consulting and planning to experience the benefits optimized turnarounds have to offer. 

Permit Writing

Unnecessary permitting delays revolve around the reality that many projects are not leveraging technology to execute the permits. When utilized properly, technology helps navigate the process and avoid permitting delays. It’s critical to complete the permitting process proactively to best achieve timely results. With Onpoint, permit writing is completed on time, helping your workforce to spend more time on tools, and less time waiting for permits. 

Onpoint is the independent craft that looks out for you in all situations. Partner with our team to increase your workforce’s time on tools and reap the benefits of a turnaround optimized by the Onpoint team. To connect with us, visit or give us a call at 866-463-3308.

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