David Frinsco is a true pioneer of the turnaround industry. David founded The Turnaround Management Company in 1998, which became WTMC in 2012. WTMC merged with CRG in 2015 to form the Onpoint we know and love today. It’s safe to say that David has been an influential leader in the turnaround industry for decades. Serving as President of all three companies, David was devoted to driving growth and ongoing operations in project control personnel for turnarounds, as well as being a subject matter expert in turnarounds and process development. After 40+ years in the industry, David is retiring from his role at Onpoint, but will continue to be involved in a consultation role, supporting Onpoint with his turnaround expertise and documentation of work processes.

As David takes this next step, we want to recognize the significant impacts he has had on the industry. David created the out-sourced turnaround personnel industry, changing the way refineries executed turnarounds. Rather than using in-house staff who lack turnaround expertise, owners began utilizing outsourced specialized personnel for planning, scheduling and executing turnarounds. He built an incredible team at WTMC, which transferred to Onpoint, prioritizing a family-like working environment that still exists today. Now, Onpoint has expanded past project controls personnel and covers every aspect of turnaround and refinery operations. We are thankful to still have access to David on a consultancy basis and wish him the absolute best!

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