At Onpoint we pride ourselves on having developed a unique set of industrial services structured to help customers manage turnarounds. This optimization is achieved by focusing on reducing craft time delays and improving safety performance. In an effort to provide simplicity to our customers, we’ve broken down our extensive list of services to best suit turnaround and project needs.


Turnaround Management Services

Our Turnaround Management Services are unmatched in the industry. When customers choose to work with Onpoint to best manage the TAR process, they receive support throughout all phases of the turnaround. Our TAR Management offerings include:

When selected to lead turnarounds, Onpoint delivers the best-in-class expertise required for planning, organizing, controlling and executing projects. Customers receive a proven platform to help control the duration and costs all while improving quality, safety, reliability, and performance.

Safety & Logistics

Safety lies at the core of our culture at Onpoint. We know the value of highly qualified personnel well-versed in safety services, which is why we remain committed to sourcing the most qualified safety professionals for turnaround projects of all sizes. We’re proud to provide customers with these safety-centered services:

Our daily goal is to create a working atmosphere focused on delivering excellent service in a safe environment. When deploying staff to a job site, we ensure customers work alongside the most qualified and well-trained personnel in the industry. Through our ongoing safety monitoring services, we have the ability to identify non-compliance and potential safety riskskeeping projects running smoothly and safely.

Workforce Transportation

Our Workforce Transportation service delivers high efficiency and measurable cost savings, all while ensuring the safe transport of all workers throughout turnarounds or capital projects. Our experienced drivers are fully insured, commercially licensed, and thoroughly vetted and trained. To maintain our commitment to Workforce Transportation, we ensure our commercial fleet is meticulously maintained and ready to shuttle workforces to and from the worksite. 

Specifically, our Personnel Busing services keep employees and contractors safe and timely. Efficient logistics increases time on tools and reduces time spent managing the regulations and liabilities of project owners transporting a workforce. Our centralized approach improves safety, increases efficiency and helps to eliminate management issues related to multiple contractors providing their own transportation.

Recently, we’ve expanded our bus rental offering with a location in Beaumont, Texas. This addition to our Workforce Transportation offering allows us to serve every transportation need in the industrial market. For customers looking to transport a small crew of their own workforce to and from a job site, our bus rentals provide a cost-effective, DOT compliant solution.

To learn more about Onpoint and what service offerings best suit your project or turnaround, give us a call at 866-463-3308.

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