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In order to effectively manage and execute a turnaround or capital project, it’s vital to have a vast skill set and knowledge of the project from start to finish. Additionally, it’s even more important to thoroughly understand the technology and software relied upon daily during a turnaround. In April 2021, we’re hosting a series of training sessions centered on Primavera and P6 excellence. Continue reading below for information on each course and to register.

Primavera Shutdown/Startup Excellence

Unit Shutdown and Startup are always critical path. The quality of scheduling for this work rarely reflects its critical importance. The expensive mismanagement of the staffing ramp-up curve is often a reflection of a poor quality SD/SU schedule. To combat losing control of a schedule, we’re offering training focused specifically on utilizing Primavera to achieve shutdown and startup excellence. This course is designed for process operators who carry the responsibility of planning and delivering reliable shutdown and startup schedules.

If you’re interested in learning how to make scheduling activities more measurable and mid-shift progress forecasts more predictable, register now.

P6 Expert Critical Path

Careful management of a single critical path is a persistent misstep in the turnaround industry, especially if a schedule quality check and quantitative risk analysis have not been conducted. This course gives schedulers the skills to ensure the turnaround team is not blind-sided in the midst of execution. This P6 Expert Critical Path course is perfect for any schedulers looking to improve the reliability of their schedules and provide the management team with improved decision-making tools.

To learn how to correctly identify and defend deterministic critical path, register now.

Primavera for Planners

More and more clients are transitioning to planning in Primavera as it eliminates data transfer errors and is more robust than planning in Excel. This course helps planners to bridge the knowledge gap and become more employable. Today’s project managers, planners and schedulers need tools that deliver necessary project insight to maintain, schedule and budget commitments for their turnarounds. And, they need the ability to integrate project resources with other departments and at other locations to ensure project success.

To gain in-depth resource management and project management training in Primavera P6, register now.

Primavera Reporting

Reporting is a critical part of all turnarounds and capital projects. Yet, the majority of Primavera users find the reporting features confusing. This course was designed to help users not only simplify the reporting process but also optimize the daily report generation and distribution process. If you’re a Primavera user looking for deeper insight into the world of Primavera reporting, wanting to learn the types of data fields available behind the scenes and how to apply creative styling to reports, this course is for you.

To learn how to properly execute manual editing of existing reports, create automated reports and complete instant reporting by generating screen reports, register now.

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