WatchPoint: Onpoint’s Innovative Confined Space Monitoring System

While developing our confined space monitoring system, WatchPoint, our team uncovered many benefits this technology will provide. WatchPoint delivers a transparent overview to owners, ultimately protecting against a multitude of risks and providing straightforward documentation.

When applied to confined spaces, WatchPoint creates a single version of the truth by providing monitoring from a single location in full compliance with OSHA Standard 1910.146 for Permit-Required Confined Spaces. In this application, there are numerous benefits that contribute to the success of WatchPoint. 

Simplified Cabling

WatchPoint uses a single cable to connect interior and exterior equipment. This limits obstruction and potential entanglement or tripping hazards for those passing through the entrance, reducing setup time at the space. Once the internal and external boxes are mounted, it only takes a moment to insert a single plug into each box.

Fully Redundant Server

WatchPoint is equipped with a fully redundant server infrastructure. The servers are configured with a failover directory and all software required to operate the system. In the event of a failure of any server, or any of its components (e.g. hard drive), the system will automatically failover to the backup server.

Interior Panic Button

As a life safety system, it’s critical that entrants have multiple means to contact the WatchPoint Command Center in the event of an emergency. So, in addition to cameras and intercoms both inside and outside the space, WatchPoint has a unique panic button on the interior box. When the panic button is pressed, interior and exterior sirens are activated while interior lights begin to flash and exterior lights turn solid red, immediately signaling the need for assistance. Alerts are also triggered at the WatchPoint Mobile Command Center.

Interior Wireless Gas Detection

Onpoint has partnered with Industrial Scientific to integrate the Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor. Radius® is a rugged gas detector that connects wirelessly with the WatchPoint system and can detect up to six gases simultaneously using 18 sensor options, including PID. In addition to transmitting data to WatchPoint, the Radius® unit within the space has its own alarms that sound at 108 dB, and a large visual display of gas readings. 

Improved Interior Visibility 

WatchPoint is equipped with three cameras per space: one on the exterior box to provide visual contact for the WatchPoint Board Operator at the point of badging for entry, one on the interior box for visual contact at the intercom and a third flexible bullet camera that can be located either inside or outside the space to record work, personnel or other tasks of interest. 

To learn more about WatchPoint and its application to confined spaces, contact Onpoint at 1-800-630-1347.

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