WatchPoint Prevents Deadly Real-World Incidents

Since its release last year, we’ve given you an in-depth look at how our confined space monitoring system, WatchPoint, functions, even inviting many customers to join us for an in-person demonstration. As turnaround safety professionals, we designed WatchPoint to monitor multiple confined spaces from a single location using simplified cabling, permitting the deployment of WatchPoint to nearly every confined space in a turnaround. We created this technology to enhance safety protocols and measures, preventing horrific confined space accidents that result in lives lost. 

In 2005, there was a tragic accident at a refinery in Delaware City, Delaware that resulted in three deaths. Two employees were fatally injured by nitrogen as they performed maintenance work near a 24-inch opening on top of a reactor. The third person died in an attempted rescue. The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) released a case study describing the asphyxiation death of two contractor employees preparing to reassemble a pipe on a pressure vessel while it was being purged with nitrogen. The CSB released this case study to reiterate the lurking dangers when working in or adjacent to confined spaces, heightening the need for nitrogen hazard awareness and safe work practices. 

Our mission as turnaround safety professionals is to do everything in our power to prevent incidents like the Delaware City Refinery from occurring and taking the lives of dedicated professionals in our field. These 5 key characteristics make WatchPoint a potentially life-saving tool on your turnaround. 

  • Simplified Cabling By using a single cable to connect interior and exterior equipment, obstructions and potential entanglements are limited. Setup time is drastically reduced, as it only takes a moment to insert one plug into each box.
  • Fully Redundant Server This technology is equipped with a fully redundant server infrastructure, configured with a failover directory and all the software necessary to operate the system. In the case that a server may fail, WatchPoint will automatically failover to the backup server.
  • Interior Panic Button WatchPoint serves as a life safety system, which is why in addition to cameras and intercoms both inside and outside the space, WatchPoint has a unique panic button located on the interior box, activating interior and exterior sirens when pressed.
  • Interior Wireless Gas Detection We partnered with Industrial Scientific to integrate the Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor into WatchPoint. This rugged gas detection system connects wirelessly with the WatchPoint system to simultaneously detect up to six gases using 18 sensor options.
  • Improved Interior Visibility With WatchPoint, there are three cameras in each space including one on the exterior box providing visual contact for the WatchPoint Board Operator, one on the interior box for visual contact at the intercom, and the last is a flexible bullet camera located wherever desired.

Turnaround safety will forever be at the top of our priority list. We’re the turnaround safety professionals that develop innovative technologies so you can keep your workforce safe. For more information on WatchPoint or to connect with us, call 866-463-3308

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