We’re the Independent Craft That Looks Out for You

You’ve depended on us for decades. Our turnaround optimization services have revolutionized our industry, and now we’ve advanced to serve as the independent craft that looks out for you. Our team has developed a unique set of industrial services perfectly suited to help you best manage turnarounds with a distinct focus on the reduction of craft time delays. By leveraging our expertise in fields like Safety and Logistics, Turnaround Management and Workforce Transportation, we’re able to empower your craftsmen to focus solely on their craft, with no wasted time. 

Through ideation, expertise and collaboration, we’ve kept our customers and their employees top of mind when approaching turnaround optimization. By making your turnaround success our goal, innovative technologies were created to best complete your turnarounds and projects on time and on budget. Three offerings exclusive to Onpoint are WatchPoint, CheckPoint and Trackpoint––these programs are industry game-changers.

WatchPoint was created to establish a sense of safety and transparency when dealing with confined spaces. This system enables the monitoring of multiple confined spaces all in one single location. WatchPoint incorporates wireless communication and simplified cabling, permitting the entire system to be deployed to every confined space in a turnaround event, minimizing the risks of confined space incidents. 

Over the years, we’ve continually repeated the crucial need for enhanced safety to be consistently implemented throughout all turnaround procedures. CheckPoint is our addition to safety enhancement. This behavior-based Safety Observation process is supported by our CheckPoint mobile application, engaging all employees from various backgrounds on how to monitor and correct unsafe behaviors. We created CheckPoint to ensure Onpoint employees are safe, healthy and engaged in managing an incident-free work environment. 

We’ve seen the impact defective materials management can have on projects and turnarounds, costing unnecessary time and money. TrackPoint was designed for superior Material Management and zero lost safety gear. Our exclusive software and processes guarantee the tracking of materials from receipt through kitting, staging and distribution. Plus, our barcode scanner delivers real-time tracking, offering the transparency you need.

With all innovations and developments, one truth remains: Onpoint is the independent craft that looks out for you. For more information on our turnaround optimization services, visit onpoint-us.com. 

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