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07/16 2018

Onpoint Represented at the 10th Chem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns & Turnarounds Conference

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HOUSTON, Texas – Onpoint Industrial Services will be represented at the 10th Chem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns & Turnarounds Conference located in San Antonio, Texas July 31 – August 2. Onpoint’s Director of TAR Services, Don [...]

06/26 2018

Getting the Most From Your Flex Workforce

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Arecent article in “Bloomberg Businessweek” said, “Twenty-six percent of the U.S. workforce has jobs that are in, one way or another, nonstandard.” Globalization has created a huge contingent labor force. The size of this workforce is expected to double over the next 20 years. According to CBS news, the field has already grown by 57% since 2009– adding over 355,000 jobs to the market. Yet, it is the nature of temporary employment to fluctuate widely as employers try to get rid of fixed costs. It began in the 1980s as companies reduced or eliminated traditional benefits. Now it is happening with jobs.

06/05 2018

June/July 2018

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In his article, “Saving The Titanic,” mar- itime historian Joseph Greely outlines a compelling solution for survival: “The Titanic could have been saved and 1,500 lives spared.” He notes many other ships in history have sustained damage equal to or greater than what the Titanic sustained, yet remained afloat. The overwhelming difference between the Titanic and the other ships was not design or construction quality but the other crews’ methodical response in controlling damage.

06/04 2018

Onpoint to Participate in Chem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns & Turnarounds Conference

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Members of the Onpoint team will be on hand at the 10th Annual Chem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns & Turnarounds Conference July 31st - August 2nd in San Antonio, Texas. Onpoint will be presenting a paper [...]

06/04 2018

Understanding the Benefits of Centralized Transportation

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Turnaround and Capital Project costs reach well into the millions and even billions of dollars in today’s market, and plant owners must expertly control expenses. When evaluating the full scope of a project, transportation can [...]