07/03 2021

Onpoint’s State-of-the-Art Training Facility Prepares Safety Attendants

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The petrochemical and energy industries pose many hazards. From safety concerns about chemicals to the constant use of intricate yet cumbersome equipment, a small mistake can be detrimental. Our unwavering commitment to safety is exemplified [...]

07/01 2021

Onpoint’s Expertise Is Unparalleled In The Industry

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Onpoint is comprised of a management team of industry pioneers. We are proud to be led by such a passionate team of seasoned, influential professionals who strategically guide the organization and provide exemplary service to [...]

06/15 2021

The Industry-Leading Turnaround Training Your Team Needs

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Turnarounds are complex events that require a deep understanding of the methodology, technology and processes that lead to efficient and effective outcomes. Onpoint provides comprehensive training for your personnel to complete their job efficiently [...]

06/08 2021

Effective Workforce Transportation, Increased Time on Tools

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Are you looking to increase timeliness, efficiency and cost savings when it comes to your workforce? Onpoint's workforce transportation services fit the bill. We supply fully insured, commercially licensed drivers and a well-maintained commercial fleet [...]