Turnaround Insights

1 12, 2017

December 2017

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As an industry leader for nearly 20 years, the Worldwide Turnaround Management Company (WTMC) has earned a best-in-class reputation as “The People You Count On.” We pioneered turn- around management and training, and later became the go-to source for specialized temporary personnel for turnarounds and capital projects.

17 11, 2017

Its Those Pesky People That Make It Work

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Turnaround managers are a diverse group coming in all shapes and sizes. The common denominator is their background of knowledge and education, formal or not, and usually technical in nature. Many have degrees in mechanical engineering, construction management, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and etcetera — all left-brain functions.

1 11, 2017

November 2017

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Some of the simplest inventions have yielded the greatest impact. A match, a zipper, a pencil, a safety pin, a sticky note and a paper clip, for instance, are simple inventions that make us say, “I wish I had thought of it.” With great thinkers, the complicated is distilled into clarity and clarity into simplicity.

10 10, 2017

The Need for Performance Assessment

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Golf is a challenging game that I enjoy very much. While golf courses are beautiful places to be, for myself the challenge comes from knowing how well or poorly I played against par (the established standard). Without knowing what par is or what my score is, I would quickly lose interest. Then golf would be “a good walk ruined,” As someone said. I would have to find something else that would require keeping score so that I could measure my progress to see if I was slipping, staying the same or improving. Achieving objectives measures progress Having objectives, then measuring our progress by meeting those objectives, is fundamental to achievement. This principle applies sports, careers and turnarounds. The fun of golf is to exceed expected progress (like making a birdie). The satisfaction in turnarounds is also derived from exceeding expected progress. Someone once defined the word goal as “a scheduled conflict with the status quo.”