Turnaround Insights

02/23 2021

With Safety a Top Priority, Onpoint Carries More Than 6 Million Safe Man Hours

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Our priority is getting Onpoint personnel safely home to their families at the end of every shift. This aspect of our company is so important to us that we created a behavior-based safety program, CheckPoint, [...]

02/12 2021

Onpoint’s Locations Support the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast

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As we announced last month, our new office in Gonzales, Louisiana is up and running. When opening this location, our focus was to more effectively deliver services to the growing East Louisiana operations we currently [...]

02/02 2021

Onpoint’s Turnaround Support Benefits EVERY Part of Your Project

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Did you know that Onpoint is the only turnaround support services company that’s equipped to impact every part of your project? From Project Controls Personnel, Safety Services and Materials Management to Workforce Transportation, Ventilation Services [...]

01/10 2021

Take Advantage of Onpoint’s NEW Nested Warehouse Service

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Onpoint Industrial Services is proud to now offer Nested Warehouse Services to all existing and potential customers. With this service, our goal is to ensure that every single customer is supplied with the correct and [...]

01/02 2021

Keep your Workforce Hydrated with Onpoint’s Water Tote Service

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Water is essential on worksites to keep your workforce hydrated, safe and healthy. But, did you know that supplying drinking water for your employees can result in a large amount of wasted water and money? [...]

Onpoint Industrial Services Deemed Essential Business

Onpoint Industrial Services is considered an essential business under the recently issued Stay-at-Home order. Onpoint will continue to serve our customers, but with heightened precautions and protocols protecting the health of our employees.

For more information on our response to COVID-19 and the Stay-at-Home order, click here.