The OnPoint safety culture

Safety is a core value and something we constantly reinforce.

Those new to OnPoint quickly learn three distinct things about our company. We hire outstanding people. We train them exceedingly well. And we immerse them in a culture of safety.

Exceptional people

Our people are wired for all systems go. But there is no going if conditions aren't right. A great number of our people have worked on the operator's side. And those who haven't are trained to see their work from an owner's perspective. They strive for max efficiency and push for peak productivity. But they'll stop everything on a dime to avert danger at all costs. Because they know and appreciate what's at stake on these jobs.

Industry-leading training

All drivers are trained, certified and licensed in every state. All safety attendants have cross-trained to not only handle a host of safety-related roles—but also a variety of general labor duties, providing staffing flexibility and enabling you to cut down on headcount. And while permitting is usually handled by the facility, OnPoint safety advisors support your operators by writing safe work permits, confined space and hot work permits to help move things along when necessary.

Healthy work environment for everyone

Contrary to what many may believe, safety and productivity are not inversely related. Safe measures and procedures reduce delays by preventing incidents, keeping our team and yours productive and at full strength. Our deep and abiding commitment to keep everyone safe complements our devotion to helping you get the work done the right way.

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