Confined Space Technology

Don't let confined space work limit productivity

By optimizing and customizing confined space ventilation, we can make workers more comfortable and ultimately more productive.

OnPoint's engineered confined ventilation services are unique in the industry. The ventilation systems filter out dust and harmful contaminants in addition to controlling humidity and temperature. And with sensors in place and our remote monitoring system keeping an eye on all confined space activity, multiple people can work simultaneously and continuously.

Confined Space Technology

Custom ventilation design and operation

We plan and install systems custom-fit for your confined spaces.

OnPoint air movers and ducting provide ventilation precisely where the work is, around barriers and bottlenecks. Specialty components including arc gouging hoods, fume hoods, debris screens and manway saddles accommodate every scope of work. HEPA filters handle the dust, and the systems deliver both local and general exhaust.

Our ventilation technicians are with you throughout the work, monitoring and troubleshooting during operation, ensuring that workers are protected at all times.

Confined Space Technology

Keep an eye on everything with WatchPoint

Monitor multiple confined spaces from a single, remote location.

The easy-to-install WatchPoint Remote Monitoring System provides access control, two-way communication, increased visibility, superb gas detection and data analytics to ensure permit compliance and job site productivity.

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