Transportation + Logistics

Keeping everything and everyone moving

Smart transportation and on-site logistics alleviate potential problems.

With several thousand people, an endless list of tasks and an unforgiving schedule—ensuring every aspect of a project is coordinated down to the last detail is essential. OnPoint plans every job site for utmost efficiency and facilitates smooth orchestration of the complete operation.

Transportation + Logistics

A single reliable source for workforce transportation

To-plant and in-plant transportation that runs like clockwork.

OnPoint operates a fully insured fleet of buses with trained, certified, licensed drivers at the helm, whose sole focus is getting people where they need to be safely and efficiently. This includes transit to and from the site, as well as in-plant transportation to move workers expediently through your facility.

Transportation + Logistics

A well laid site plan makes all the difference

Putting everything in its optimal place maximizes craft time and minimizes delays.

On every job, there are optimal locations for everything from lunch tents and port-o-cans to handwashing stations. The placement of turnstiles and pedestrian bridges can make a big difference in how quickly and easily workers get from one task to the next. We optimize parking lot layouts, define traffic flow, designate loading zones and make sure walkways are clearly marked.

Transportation + Logistics

Crews work hard and they shouldn’t have to wait for water

Hydration stations are always staged and full when OnPoint is on site.

We schedule delivery of large, insulated totes, capable of storing up to 500 bottles. This eliminates the need to fill, store and distribute traditional water kegs. And you can relax knowing your people will stay safe and well hydrated.

Transportation + Logistics

Our logistics teams help you make the most of every minute

From traffic management to general labor, we keep job sites safe, smooth and streamlined.

We put dedicated resources on the ground during every shift to facilitate well executed operations. Our logistics technicians manage, move and stage vehicles and equipment. They escort vendors and guests and ensure neither man nor machine gets off the designated pathways. We also provide support resources for general labor and housekeeping with our cross-trained staff.

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