One reliable source for busing everyone everywhere

Make sure workers can access their job easily, safely and without delay.

For major facility events requiring an influx of new people, OnPoint busing provides transportation to and throughout a jobsite for all employees, regardless of contract employer. This centralized approach improves safety, increases efficiency and helps to eliminate the headaches that come from dealing with multiple contractors providing their own transportation.

Transit to and from site, plus in-plant shuttle service

Having reliable transportation gets everybody where they need to be expediently and reduces or eliminates operational safety and unnecessary risk. Split shift service, where we pick-up and drop off from parking lot to gate, and from gate to lot, prevents delays caused by offsite parking challenges.

And for continuous service, we can provide shuttles on demand, or proceed with set routes, stops and times.

We've got you covered with excellent drivers and full insurance

We operate a fully insured, DOT-compliant fleet. The insurance covers every individual, the owner and their property, without the need for anyone to sign a waiver.

Our drivers are certified, vetted and licensed—CDL class-B with passenger endorsement—in all states and are insured to drive anyone, regardless of employer. Their sole purpose is to get people to their job safely and on time.

Bus Rentals

If you have a different contractor than OnPoint, and still need transportation assistance, we have a fleet of buses available for rent. These are fully insured, 40-passenger buses, with A/C available upon request.

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