Project Planning + Coordination

Get insight
up front

When it comes to planning and coordinating large, complex industrial projects or maintenance events—no one has more experience or foresight.

At OnPoint, we support dozens of major projects every year, and we have encountered and overcome just about every conceivable cause of delay or idle time.

Project Planning + Coordination

Preparing for the event is more than half the battle

Scheduling takes more than putting tasks on a calendar.

OnPoint knows talent, and talent is what you need to be ready when it's GO time. OnPoint provides all of the key positions you need, from top notch schedulers to planners, cost estimators and piping designers. And talent knows OnPoint. We have the most comprehensive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the team you need.

Project Planning + Coordination

Carefully curated

It's not easy becoming a member of the GO Team.

All OnPoint employees are comprehensively screened to ensure they are qualified above industry standards and can meet each customer's unique requirements.

We employ a thorough vetting process that takes a deep look at each candidate's past performance through interviews with former supervisors and even identifies and assesses each individual's personality style.

Project Planning + Coordination

Experience and leadership where it counts

Like extensions of your own team, OnPoint execution coordinators are trained to see things from an owner’s perspective.

They have logged countless hours across numerous events managing contractors, steering processes and working project plans. They keep everything on schedule and all parties informed. And they are keenly focused on identifying and removing operational, technical and logistics obstacles.

Project Planning + Coordination

Invaluable insight from start to finish

The earlier we’re brought on board, the greater our impact. And we’ve built in key strategic checkpoints that bring the entire team into alignment.

From qualitative scope risk and readiness assessments to quantitative schedule risk analyses, as well as constructability and post-project reviews, we put every detail under the microscope to optimize every project.

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