We make time for our customers.

For major industrial events, when revenue streams are on the line and each passing minute is precious, we make time. What does that mean? Optimize activity. Minimize delays. And reduce any and all related costs. These are the daily marching orders of the OnPoint GO Team.

Our people

The projects we take on require a special breed of worker.

The GO Team is composed of people hard-wired to identify and overcome challenges. They have invaluable experience—many having worked on the operator's side—so they know what's at stake. And they're hired based not only on skill, but also on attitude and work ethic. That's why our customers consider our people to be among the easiest in the industry to work with on a project.

Our philosophy

Everything runs better in GO mode.

Our purpose is to make sure your project progresses safely, efficiently, continuously. Whether it's routine maintenance, a facility turnaround or a game-changing upgrade to your industrial or manufacturing plant, the GO Team makes sure the critical moving parts keep moving. Project planning is a GO. Safety is a GO. Transportation is a GO. Materials are a GO. With OnPoint, you're in constant GO mode.

Our commitment

We don’t succeed unless you do.

Leadership has set lofty goals for the company and tied them directly to the impact we have on our customers’ projects. Which almost always comes down to minimizing delays and maximizing productivity.

That’s why we maintain an acute focus and attention to detail; why we remain ever vigilant about removing obstacles to project success; and why we approach every task with a sense of urgency.

    To achieve our mission and realize our vision, everyone on our team must commit to self-improvement and constant learning.

    • We exceed the number of hours of safety training considered standard in the industry, in addition to our customers’ mandatory training for facility safety.
    • We understand communications best practices and how to keep you well informed on the job.
    • We cross-train to perform a variety of tasks in several areas including safety services, basic logistics and project management.
    • We undergo an extensive background check, drug testing and numerous other pre-qualification measures to ensure our reliability in the field.
    • We possess a fundamental understanding of refinery, chemical and manufacturing plant operations.
    • We treat our customers, colleagues, partners and others with fairness and an eye toward inclusion, equity and diversity.

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