WatchPoint Remote Monitoring System

Confined space work is always in view.

One of the key reasons OnPoint is a great safety partner is that with our WatchPoint Remote Monitoring System, you can keep an eye on all confined space work at your facility—up to 12 areas from a single location—and maintain full OSHA compliance for permit-required confined spaces.

Greater visibility, less risk of injury

Each space is equipped with three cameras: one inside to observe the work, one outside to monitor badging for entry, and a third flexible bullet camera to be used for any number of purposes. A single cable connects the interior and exterior equipment, limiting obstructions and tripping hazards.

And, in the event of an emergency, the workers inside have an interior panic button that activates sirens and lights and triggers an alert to the WatchPoint mobile command center.

Watching out for what you can't see

The WatchPoint system comes with a wireless gas detector with 18 sensor options—including a photoionization detector for volatile gases like benzene—capable of detecting up to six gases simultaneously, alerting the system and sounding alarms.

Continuous monitoring, permanent record

The WatchPoint system creates a single digital record of all confined-space activity and is equipped with a fully redundant server infrastructure. In the event of a failure of any server, or any of its components (e.g. hard drive), the system will automatically failover to the backup server.

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