Onpoint has an unwavering commitment to operating an incident-free workplace for the benefit of our employees, our customers, and our community. We also believe that there are no silver bullets when it comes to protecting the safety and health of those for whom we are responsible. Rather, we must develop a culture of following procedures without fail, recognizing and eliminating hazards in every task we perform. And if we cannot meet these standards, we stop work, period.

We take pride in keeping our workforce safe and attribute the success to our highly trained personnel and our drive to implement safety in all aspects of our business. From weekly safety meetings and training to our Behavior-Based Safety System, CheckPoint, our team is dedicated to sending our employees home to their families unharmed after a day’s work.

Onpoint has implemented CheckPoint, our Behavior-Based Safety Observation process supported by the CheckPoint mobile application. The purpose of CheckPoint is to engage all employees, with diverse experiences and perspectives, in monitoring and correcting unsafe behaviors. CheckPoint helps our employees identify potential workplace hazards and unsafe actions to eliminate injuries, illnesses, and damage to the environment in both the field and the office. CheckPoint also identifies and reinforces safe workplace conditions.

CheckPoint keeps Onpoint employees safe, healthy, and engaged in managing an incident-free work environment.

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