Increase Time on Tools with Quality Workforce Transportation

Safety, efficiency and quality execution are three objectives that we prioritize every single day. In order to foster a safe working environment, we must train our staff to execute quality work in the most efficient way possible. And, in order to achieve project success on time and on budget, we must keep safety top of mind. 

With each of our many service offerings, there are safety processes and guidelines that allow our staff to return home to their families safe and unharmed at the end of the day. In addition to clear safety expectations for the workforce while they’re executing their craft, we also found an area of our industry that puts employees in danger if not properly executed –– transportation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Transportation incidents increased 2 percent in 2019 to 2,122 cases… Events involving transportation incidents continued to account for the largest share of fatalities.” (See chart below.)

In an effort to combat these statistics, we offer Personnel Busing services to keep your employees and contractors safe and on time. We incorporate efficient logistics into all of our bus routes to increase craft time and save you from managing the regulations and liabilities of transporting your own workforce. Our centralized approach to workforce transportation improves safety, increases efficiency and aids in eliminating management and safety issues related to multiple contractors providing their own transportation. 

When you choose Onpoint’s Workforce Transportation, you gain a partner that delivers higher efficiency, measurable cost savings and ensures the safe transport of all workers throughout your turnaround or capital project. We employ experienced drivers that are fully insured, commercially licensed and thoroughly vetted and trained. 

Our quality Workforce Transportation ensures the following:

Trust Onpoint with the safe transport of your workforce. Contact us today at 866-463-3308.

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