Keep your Workforce Hydrated with Onpoint’s Water Tote Service

Water is essential on worksites to keep your workforce hydrated, safe and healthy. But, did you know that supplying drinking water for your employees can result in a large amount of wasted water and money? As the independent craft that looks out for you, Onpoint is proud to now offer Water Tote Services. 

Since October, Onpoint has served as an asset to customers through this service by supplying water to workforces and creating significant savings by reducing on-site labor required for filling, distributing and cleaning kegs or coolers. Also, we base the amount of water we provide on headcount and water consumption data. This process is significantly more sanitary as it avoids having a large number of people touching the same water spigot or cooler, helping to keep your workforce healthy. Additionally, Onpoint can place an attendant alongside the water tote to help distribute the flip-top bottles to eliminate cross-contamination.

When you partner with Onpoint for Water Tote Services, we provide totes filled with 500 16.9 oz flip-top water bottles packaged with enough ice to keep water cool for up to 5 days. In addition to our team delivering the totes to each worksite, we also reclaim empty totes which are then thoroughly sanitized and prepared to be filled and delivered to the next worksite. When capital projects and turnarounds utilize Water Tote Services from Onpoint, they save space by eliminating the need to store water, ice machines, kegs and ice chests.

At Onpoint, we’re continuing to develop and refine our service offerings that provide value, improved project support and cost savings through the reduction of craft time delays. Through this Water Tote Service, we continue to offer solutions that reduce on-site headcount where applicable. For more information on Onpoint’s Water Tote Services, call 866-463-3308.

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Onpoint Industrial Services is considered an essential business under the recently issued Stay-at-Home order. Onpoint will continue to serve our customers, but with heightened precautions and protocols protecting the health of our employees.

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