One of Onpoint’s core services is turnaround optimization and project controls personnel. Over the past 20+ years pioneering the turnaround management industry, we have developed proven systems that drive successful turnaround performance utilizing processes, tools, and our expert team to effectively place the right specialists in your plant to plan, schedule and execute your turnaround. Just as Onpoint does in many aspects of facility performance, our project controls personnel and turnaround optimization service are designed to help you come in on time and on budget.

By integrating Onpoint’s project controls personnel hiring capabilities into your turnaround, your team is set up with the best possible chance for a successful project. We tackle projects from two perspectives: the owner’s and an expert’s.

Our project controls team originally started in oil & gas on the owner side, so we understand the complexities and demands of your plant. Due to our decades of experience in turnaround management, we understand what to look for, plan for, and optimize your turnaround for success. Onpoint excels at turnaround execution because we know these projects better than anyone in the industry. Our field staff is made up of highly trained and experienced experts. We custom design and tailor systems specific to your project, providing maximum efficiency and reduced chance of scope drift and time overruns.

The core of our turnaround optimization services is project controls personnel. Our team at Onpoint created the model of temporary flex workers going into plants to plan, schedule and execute turnarounds over 20 years ago. Now, it is industry standard practice to utilize specialized staff for successful project controls related to turnarounds.

Over the years, we developed a proprietary process for recruiting, vetting and placing project controls personnel into turnarounds at client refineries — Employee Qualification Selection Process (EQSP). EQSP finds the most qualified planners, schedulers, planner/schedulers and execution coordinators for your project. Going a step further, our process ensures we give you the best candidates who are also readily available. Once you approve the project controls personnel for your turnaround, we give them site-specific training so they are prepared and ready to hit the ground running when they report to your site.

The benefits of EQSP and Onpoint’s Turnaround Optimization services are numerous:

  • Holistic approach with process, tools and experienced personnel to drive success
  • Decades of turnaround experience to make your project more successful
  • Proprietary hiring process means better project controls personnel for your project
  • Spend less time going through mountains of candidate resumes who may or may not be available
  • Project success is driven by data before, during and after your turnaround
  • We’ve sat in your chair so we understand your plant and your needs
  • No conflict of interest

Onpoint is different from any other turnaround services provider. With industry experts, proven processes and the best project controls personnel, Onpoint is the team you can count on to bring your turnaround in on time and on budget. We’re ready to tailor the right solution for your turnaround or capital project. Reach out to us today at 866-464-3308 or fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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