Introducing our New WatchPoint Technology Service

July 20, 2019

After an extensive research and development process, we are eager to announce the release of our WatchPoint program which is rapidly approaching. From the initial reveal of this technology, we’ve received an enormous amount of interest in the program’s benefits for our customers.

We’ve uncovered many applications by which WatchPoint will provide increased visibility, transparency and control, and we’d like to highlight a few of those here. Our proprietary WatchPoint technology is an ideal solution when integrated into large-scale turnarounds, coker units, regenerators, tanks and cooling towers. Ultimately, if a project contains many active components for an extended period of time, WatchPoint offers game-changing benefits.

When utilizing our new programming on busy, 24-hour work sites, you are better equipped to track and maintain accurate records of numerous entry and exit points. WatchPoint’s attendance and personnel tracking offers the opportunity to have visibility inside the vessel. While an attendant only has a limited view inward, WatchPoint provides transparent oversight to the operation, ultimately protecting against a multitude of risks and providing straightforward documentation of what occurs on the worksite.

Currently, our team is working diligently to execute final implementation and integration steps, ensuring WatchPoint is at its absolute best for our customers. We will soon announce the date for our demo day including WatchPoint, TrackPoint and an open house. To learn more about WatchPoint now, message us directly on our Contact page.

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