Onpoint Offers Additional Services in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

March 18, 2020

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, Onpoint wants to express its dedication to customers, employees and maintaining a safe and clean workplace. We all must do our part to stop the spread of this new virus. For Onpoint that means offering additional services so that owners can be assured every measure is being taken to ensure staff safety and health.

To assist projects and turnarounds, Onpoint has recruited additional staff to execute a variety of procedures in order for both our customers and Onpoint employees to have confidence that their workplace will keep them healthy.

Onpoint customers can utilize additional staff with established written procedures to provide additional services such as:

  • Thorough cleaning of Onpoint buses between every single run
  • Robust cleaning of common areas such as lunch tents, BRM’s, turnstiles, etc.
  • Single-use water bottles handed out by additional labor to avoid mass amounts of people sharing water jugs or reaching into tubs for water bottles
  • Increased cleaning of food service areas including microwaves, tables, benches, etc.

Owners should be mindful to determine what steps contractors in rented buses are doing. This would be a smart time to consider converting to a full-service workforce transportation offering to increase employee confidence in safe busing practices.

Further, in this current environment, Onpoint is recommending owners utilize Bus Rentals to increase certainty in safe and hygienic busing practices. Other practices for Owners to implement include reducing the maximum headcount on each bus to 20 or one passenger per seat. For those utilizing full-service Workforce Transportation, Onpoint can provide additional buses to decrease the number of passengers on each bus.

Onpoint is fully aware of this rapidly changing situation and will continue to evaluate and alter preventative measures as needed. Our ultimate goal is to keep our staff healthy and continue to provide services to our customers. The importance of these measures on the morale, confidence and attendance of plant workers cannot be understated.

For more information on additional services from Onpoint to combat COVID-19, please contact Timothy Long at tlong@onpoint-us.com or call 713.947.0721.

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