Onpoint Unveils WatchPoint Technology at Demo Day

November 18, 2019

Earlier this month we unveiled WatchPoint, our new, industry-leading technology for remote confined space monitoring. We were thrilled to reveal WatchPoint at our Demo Day Event, taking numerous customers step-by-step through the process, giving them an exclusive opportunity to experience our innovation firsthand. This technology delivers a transparent overview to owners, ultimately protecting against a multitude of risks and providing straightforward documentation.

We created the WatchPoint system to remotely monitor multiple confined spaces from a single location. WatchPoint’s wireless communication and simplified cabling allows the system to be deployed to nearly every confined space in a turnaround event. Providing visibility, transparency and control, WatchPoint creates a single digital record of all confined space activity for the turnaround.

Thank you to everyone who joined our WatchPoint Demo Day launch! Click here to learn more about WatchPoint.

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