The Materials Management Program That Can Save Millions

September 25, 2019

Poor Materials Management practices are nothing new to our industry–and clients are finally recognizing they possess a materials management issue that is costing them greatly. As Materials Management experts, our services are more frequently being called upon early in the process, rather than a crisis call when approaching execution. Ideally, our resources should be brought into play 6-19 months prior to to the turnaround.

When discussing our Materials Management Program, we like to begin with explaining our methodological approach to the process. Ultimately, the most important element of this strategy is sustainability, because if you can’t support and repeat the process with each event with only minor changes, the process will fail.

With this program, one principal factor we implement is a rule-driven approach for adaptive relationship development in which rules drive and govern the process. This approach place much-needed guardrails around the materials management process, but also allows for flexible and adaptive changes when needed.

Onpoint is continually building upon our Materials Management Program. Our one-of-a-kind approach to materials management, unique to our organization, implements a strategic process and tracking tool software to effectively receive, organize and distribute turnaround materials.

A successfully executed materials management program increases your organization’s productivity, reduces costs and lessens craft time delays that occur as a result of poor planning and execution. Don’t waste valuable craft time due to ineffective and inefficient materials management –– to save time and money on your next turnaround or capital project, contact Onpoint today at 1-800-630-1347.

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