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Onpoint is dedicated to providing information and insights on topics relevant to the turnaround industry in the areas of logistics, safety services, personnel transportation, project controls and training. Our staff has decades of experience that can be of benefit to your projects.

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Its Those Pesky People That Make It Work

Turnaround managers are a diverse group coming in all shapes and sizes. The common denominator is their background of knowledge and education, formal or not, and usually technical in nature. Many have degrees in mechanical engineering, construction management, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and etcetera — all left-brain functions.

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Onpoint White Papers

Its Those Pesky People That Make It Work
The Need for Performance Assessment
Time to Shift the Tide to Include Training With Experience
Controlling Tail-End Productivity
The Technology ‘Crutch’
Specialized Skills Are Needed Now More Than Ever
SmartTrack the New Paradigm in Turnaround Metrics
The Recipe to Reduce Turnaround Stress
Strategic Planning
Process + People + Technology = Cost Control
Is it People the Process or the Tools?
People Centered Leadership
Overcoming the ‘Murphy’s Law’ of Turnarounds
Just Do It
Gizmos,  Gadgets & Keeping It Simple
How Do We Get Better
Getting the Most From Your Flex Workforce
If You Don’t Care About Earned Income Today, You Will Tomorrow
Don’t Worry About the Future Work Toward It
The Art of Anticipation Why Accidents Are Preventable
Learn a Lesson? Set a Standard
6 Irrefutable Laws of Turnaround Management
Doing More With Less, Not Doing Less

Onpoint White Papers