TrackPoint Materials Management System

Know the location of every pipe fitting, flange or gauge on site.

The TrackPoint Materials Management System streamlines the process of receiving, staging, distributing and tracking all the materials you need for your project. Now you can know where every seal, valve and instrument is stored, or to whom it was issued, at the touch of a button.

Simple technology with sophisticated results

We crafted an intrinsically safe barcode scanner for use in process areas, providing real-time tracking tied to a Bill of Materials, job package, or job order.

Immediate answers no matter where you're standing

OnPoint puts this custom-built proprietary software at the fingertips of every materials management professional we have at your facility.

Need to know where a specific tool is right now? Wondering if you've got the pipe fittings you need for that job on the southwest end of the plant? Your materials management pro can call up the answers in seconds.


The TrackPoint system has a planning feature to help you stage and distribute materials appropriately. Not only will you gain insights on how materials have been used to date, you’ll also know what’s needed and available for the next shift. And the one after that. And the one after that.

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