Onpoint Services

Achieving High-Performance Turnarounds

Onpoint has nearly two decades of experience helping turnaround teams achieve breakthrough performance when planning and executing turnarounds and capital projects.

Onpoint’s turnaround management experts and project controls personnel bring the expertise and experience to help you achieve predictable outcomes. Enhanced logistics, workforce transportation and safety services from Onpoint help drive safe and successful project execution.

Onpoint helps you deliver turnarounds and capital projects On Time and On Budget.

On time.

On budget.

Turnaround Management

At Onpoint, we’re dedicated to improving project execution through our long-standing expertise in Turnaround Management. We partner with turnaround managers to supply proven planning and execution services, resulting in the completion of projects on time and on budget. Onpoint serves as an independent resource that allows craftsmen to spend more time on their craft.

Materials Management

Materials Management is one of the most common sources of schedule delays and cost overruns in a turnaround. Onpoint has developed our Materials Management Program by combining a documented work process, executed by skilled professionals utilizing TrackPoint, our proprietary software application.

Workforce Transportation

Onpoint’s Workforce Transportation service delivers higher efficiency and measurable cost savings, while ensuring the safe transport of all workers throughout your turnaround or capital project. Our experienced drivers are fully insured, commercially licensed, and thoroughly vetted and trained. Our commercial fleet is meticulously maintained and ready to shuttle your workforce to and from the worksite.

Ventilation Services

As the independent craft that looks out for you, Onpoint is expanding our service offerings to ensure that we provide all resources necessary to safely and effectively execute turnarounds and capital projects. In addition to WatchPoint, our confined space monitoring system, we provide top-of-the-line ventilation services, making Onpoint your partner to ensure all confined space work is completed safely and efficiently.

Safety & Logistics

We provide safety resources that deliver. Through strategies including Safety Services, Enhanced Site Logistics and our remote confined space monitoring system, WatchPoint, we place a continued emphasis on the importance of safety in turnarounds. From safety-centered technology to highly trained personnel, Onpoint is the ideal choice for Safety and Logistics.

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