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Capturing and Filtering

Implementing Capturing and Filtering Services

When you engage Onpoint to execute Ventilation Services, you’re assuring you that your ventilation system is aligned with OSHA Standards and keeping your workers safe. With Onpoint’s Capturing and Filtering, we’re extracting hazardous and harmful particles to keep your workforce healthy.

Onpoint utilizes trained ventilation technicians to continuously monitor air changes, air turnover CFMs and equipment functionality to ensure that we meet and exceed the OSHA guidelines and site requirements. Through our team on site we also proactively engage our contractor partners and clients to ensure we utilize the project look ahead to be prepared for upcoming work and potential changes.

Finally, our trained technicians ensure that we capture and filter these hazardous particulates:

  • Non-explosive Dry Dust
  • Silica Dust
  • Metal Spray
  • Combustion Dry Products
  • Welding Fumes

Reduce Workplace Hazards with Onpoint

It’s vital for a company with personnel in a confined space to capture and filter the dust in an ongoing manner and not just after the fact. Our filtration systems effectively filter dust and particulates while exceeding the standards set by any state or federal regulations regarding the process. The team of experts at Onpoint thoroughly understands the difficulties of dust and particulates in confined spaces. Our technicians can perform an on-site inspection to evaluate your situation and then they make recommendations about which dust filtration system would be best for your situation. Our fully qualified techs then install a system that can be depended on to work efficiently, reliably and affordably.

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